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Mockford Cured Pork


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August 29, 2018

Mockford Cured Pork

During the midst of the crisis we ended up on a charcutier course with Richard Branson that came all the way from the Cape to present to us in Haernertsburg.

It started with a whole pig from our farm that we took apart using every bit of meat possible making all sorts of Italian inspired cured meats starting from Coppa, Prosciutto, Pancetta and even the full flavored and fiery Chorizo!

We all got to try some of the products there and loved them! And it was these wonderful flavours from which we drew the inspiration to make our own right up North in Limpopo.  You see what Richard said has always stayed with with us – the biggest part of the flavor is the type of breed you have and the quality of pork you have. This has always been a boastful point for us and thought what a good way to prove the true taste of good quality pork by curing it.

Next was to find a place to cure it and after lengthy discussion of where to hang the beautifully put together meat we decided to head back to where it all began, in Haernertsburg on our Blueberry Farm.

It has been a bit of back and fourth with temptations to try the meat too early and some humidity issues but we are now waiting patiently for the Prosciutto and Coppa to come off at the end of November.


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