CoCoDamia Cocoa Granola


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Cocoa Granola made from the healthiest ingredients we could source, including Macadamias, Coconut chips and cocoa.

27 in stock


CoCoDamia Lourie Cocoa Granola

The darker cocoa granola has the extra infusion of cocoa. Using honey instead of refined cane sugar provides a unique flavour as well as added health benefits.

The extensive Avocado and Litchi production in the Lowveld area has created a growing beekeeping industry which we are excited to support.

Bird on this box -The grey go-away bird. The sound it makes is one of the characteristic sounds of the lowveld, which includes the Kruger National Park. When it makes an alarm call, all the animals nearby react to it’s call. It is like an alarm system for bush. Its vigilance and warnings go a long way to protecting animals from people.


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