The Premium Pork Box

The Premium Pork Box

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  • Shoulder bacon – 400g
  • Back bacon – 400g
  • Diced bacon 400g
  • Bacon bites – 500g
  • Shoulder roast –  1.5kg
  • Summer braai chop – 1.2kg
  • Texan steak – 900g
  • Loin chops – 800g
  • Kassler chops – 200g pack x 2
  • Cabanossi – 1kg
  • Cheese grillers – 1kg
  • Thick cut cheese griller – 1kg
  • Bacon patties – 1kg
  • Pork bangers – 1kg
  • Chilli cheese wors – 1kg


12.5 kg’s of Premium Mockford Pork

2 reviews for The Premium Pork Box

  1. Tiaan

    Fantastic guys! great Cabanossi, wors and the Texans are great in the pan and on the braai.
    Very well packed and great quality product.

    Can’t wait for the Christmas Gammon this year!

    PREMIUM BOX is the right name for this product.

    Thanks guys and well done!

  2. alouwrens3 (verified owner)

    Received box 795 today (order 2776). Everything is well vacuumed packed and it looks super delicious.

    My only problem is
    1) The Patties were only 792g and not 1kg
    2)The kassler chops were 438g and not 800g (5chops total, bummer!)
    3) The taxan were 519g and not 900g

    The rest were spot on 😉 I can’t wait to taste the cabanossi…just waiting for it to defrost

    • Paulina

      Afternoon Andre

      Thank you for the feedback on our service and products, we value your views as this will only help us improve.
      We apologize on the mass not for the Patties and Texan Chops, we have already dispatched the balance of these products to you. In future we will ensure the QA is thoroughly checked before dispatching the products.

      Please not that the Kessler Chops for this box is 400g, meaning each pack comes at 200g.

      Thank you again for your support.

      The Flying Pig Team

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