The Sausage Box


The anxiety of choice can be terrible. But don’t worry,  we’ve got your sausages all in one fantastic new hamper.

The Sausage Box!

This is one sausage party you don’t want to miss.



Totaling a whopping 5.6kg’s

Boerewors 1 x 500g
Chilli & Cheese Wors 1 x 500g
Bacon & Cheese Wors 1 x 500g
Green Pepper & Cheese Wors 1 x 500g
Droëwors 1 x 500g
Cheese Griller 1 x 500g
Russian 1 x 1kg
Cheese Russian 1 x 1kg
Pork Bangers 1 x 600g

*Please note that certain wors flavours are subject to availability and might be swapped out with other lekker variants. 



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