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March 17, 2020

Yes, we’re open!

If you’ve been caught with empty meat shelves at your local grocery store, we’re here with our delicious pork cuts available 24/7 just for you.
The Flying Pig is fully aware of the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus in South Africa and it’s effects on everyone, including the physical travel and purchase of food items from your local retail outlets. Don’t let this get you down, we’re here to help!

With schools closing and family’s spending more time at home there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to light those braai fires and enjoy the last remnants of the warm weather before winter sets in. Our Flying Pig pork cuts are aimed at catering for these festive occasions, and take the hassle out of searching for succulent, quality pork amongst the hustle and bustle taking place in your local retail stores today.

One way you can help South Africa tackle the Covid-19  spread is to limit your trips to shops by ordering essentials online to be safely delivered to your door. Flying Pig’s delivery service is the perfect way to stock up on pork through online shopping without leaving your home.

What’s more, we have always taken extra health-conscious and sanitary precautions which come as standard procedures with being a proud online retailer of pork in South Africa. In addition, we have added additional steps for both your, and our safety, which although may seem overboard to some, are more than necessary to continue supplying you, our loyal customers, with the freshest, healthiest pork in town.

We deliver … hassle free!

Ordering online via our website,, is simple and safe. Browse through our selection of delicious pork cuts from the comfort of your kitchen table, place your order and … Voila … your order is delivered a few days later, fresh from the farm. Literally! Think marinated chops, bacon, or a hot pork roast … we have them all.

What are you waiting for?

Skip the queues and Out-Of-Stock signs by clicking here to hop straight into our online store today. We’re ready and waiting to help you with a speedy, fresh delivery to your doorstep.

Psst! … The Chop Box includes a scrumptious selection of tasty pork chop cuts, buy in bulk and save.


The Flying Pig Team

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