Farm Fresh Pork Steaks

Including rump fillets, Texan steaks and pork neck steaks.

  • Boneless slices of beautifully marbled meat cut from the pork collar (aka pork neck fillet). These cuts are highly recommended for your next braai.
  • The marriage of tender and tasty. Marinated to perfection in our special BBQ Basting braai marinade. These cuts are highly recommended for your next braai. And take it from this web developer, it pairs very well with a braaibroodjie!
  • Marinated Pork Rump


    Farm fresh pork rump.

    • Marinated with our signature BBQ marinade
    • Plain and ready for your cooking creativity.
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  • The Tomahawk Chop is a bone-in pork chop. If you want a beautiful show piece for the braai…this is it. We've gone bold on this one, including the belly rib on the end of the chop making it more juicy and tender. A pork tomahawk, our "TOMAPORK", is essentially a pork loin steak with the belly still attached. The tasty goodness of a pork chop with all that spectacular  fat from the pork belly. Yes…that means more crackling 1 x 500g chop per pack Total: 500g @R49.50
  • 800g of delicious pork cuts

    Red Wine and Garlic Espetadas

    No offcuts here, this is an espetada made up of prime pork cuts. Rump, fillet and pork belly - it's basically a very fancy sosatie.    
  • 1kg of our prime pork fillet! A tender, succulent, fatty free piece of prime pork which is perfect for the braai, inside the oven, on the pan and pretty much any way you can think of.
    Excellent value for money @R85 per 1kg


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