The Premium Box


12kgs Of Farm Fresh Select Premium Pork Cuts

All of our yummiest premium pork cuts in one convenient hamper for you and the family to enjoy.

Snacks, starters, mains and more!



12kg’s of our premium farm fresh and favourite pork cuts all in one hamper.

All products are vacuum packed and frozen for ease of storage.

Replenish and restock your freezer without sacrificing taste or quality with one of our porktastic hampers.

Product Unit
Bacon & Cheese Wors 500g
Green Pepper & Cheese Wors 500g
Butterfly Lemon & Garlic Pork Fillet 600g
Loin Chops (plain) 1kg
Marinated Neck Steaks 1kg
Marinated Sosaties 1kg
Mince 500g
Pork Burger Patties 600g
Streaky Bacon x 2 200g x 2
Back Bacon 200g x 2
Bacon Patties (4 pack) 400g
Pork Bangers 600g
Prego Marinated 500g
Droewors 500g
Bacon Biscuits 150g
Pulled Pork BBQ 300g
Pork Rashers – BBQ 1kg
Royal Cheese Russians 1kg
Smoked Kassler Chops 1kg


Please note that weights are subject to change slightly 

All professionally vacuum packed for freezing and lined in an awesomely labelled “The Flying Pig” box (100% recyclable).


Additional information

Weight 12 kg


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