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Bayfield Coffee Works - Polokwane


Date Posted:

April 6, 2020

Bayhound Coffee Works started roasting coffee in Polokwane in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength, starting from a simple table setup at markets, to a mobile trailer, to opening a coffee shop and a container roastery and brew bar. We focus on roasting ethically sourced specialty coffees, accentuating their flavour in a way that only small batch craft roasting can do. Small batch also allows us to guarantee freshness, which is why we hand write the roast date on every bag.

Bayfield Coffee Works - Polokwane

So what is a bayhound? Baying is deep, prolonged howling, as of a hound on a scent, and we are always on the scent of great coffee! It’s also an analogy of our commitment to roasting great coffee and always running forward, following our dream and vision for our coffee shops to continue to be a haven and source of soul food to the people who frequent them. About the dog in our logo, that’s our greyhound, Nonyx, the inspiration for the brand and a daily goofy reminder to not take life too seriously.

We believe that coffee is about people, and that coffee for coffee’s sake lacks something vital. We hope that you’ll find our coffee is unpretentious, down to earth and downright delicious, and that you’ll enjoy it with the people you love.

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