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October 7, 2020

The Klippiesveld story started in 2010 when Willie and Ilse Naude moved from the city to a small farm on the outskirts of Polokwane. A friend of Ilse, knowing of her love for farm animals, gifted her a Saanen Dairy doe, fondly named Saartjie, together with her little offspring, Lady. Knowing very little of the inquisitive nature of goats, they soon came to realise the need of a properly fenced camp to house them and thus started Willie’s future weekend “hobby” of handyman duties, including but not limited to fencing and building.

The steady supply of milk produced by Saartjie urged Ilse to do some experiments with cheese and yoghurt crafting. The chemistry of milk and cheese became a fascinating challenge and in 2011 she enrolled for a cheese making course at Grootplaas Cheese Academy. In the same year they acquired five more ewes and a Saanen ram and the milk really started to flow in!

klippiesveld Kaas | The Flying Pig | Limpopo Cheese
Goats In Trees | Klippiesveld Kaas | The Flying Pig
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Goats are browsers by nature. We strive to keep our goats healthy, stress-free and “happy” by allowing them to roam freely during the day. The privilege of working with the animals and being creative brings us much joy and blessings! We are entirely devoted to our artisan cheese making enterprise and will always strive to produce products of the highest quality.

As they gained more knowledge and experience in this field, they became more passionate about their small-scale enterprise. The cheese-crafting took off and in 2013 they started selling at local Farmer’s markets. The following year, in 2014, they entered a few products to be judged at the SA Dairy Championships, and to their surprise, their Goat’s milk Feta received a third place! Since then they’ve entered annually and their cheeses have obtained a substantial number of National awards of which the Slow Food Artisan citation in 2015 and the Qualite Award in 2019 are the most significant.

Klippiesveld Artisan Cheese is our pride and joy. We focus on small batches of hand crafted cheeses made from 100% whole Goat’s milk, free of preservatives, antibiotics and colourants. In our dairy a strict hygienic protocol is followed to ensure the quality of the end product.

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