Is Free Range All It’s Cracked Up To Be?


Date Posted:

January 17, 2018

What is your classification of Free Range – What is important to your consumer?

Free range production can be achieved if there was a big enough demand, but considering South Africa’s harsh environmental conditions indoor production has in fact provided a more welfare friendly environment for pigs allowing them to thrive throughout the year. Our veterinarian’s opinion is that free range production is not necessarily the healthiest choice as your pigs are burdened with parasites and therefore either chemical treatment will be necessary or you will be supplying poor quality carcasses to your supplier.

Genetics plays an integral role in pork production as it ultimately determines the taste of the end product. We have two high health herds that are supplying incredible genetics to the pig industry. We are one of a very few farmers that use the Duroc boar as a terminal sire which means that all pigs sent for slaughter are 50% Duroc. The Duroc genetics is unique as it enhances muscle marbling which ensures juicy meat and always tasty pork chops! Our pork has won numerous national tasting competitions! A selection of these can be made available to you and you can specify the marbling and exterior back fat as you desire.

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